What’s the fun of gardening if it requires too much work or the use of potentially harmful chemicals? At Old Mill Feed & Garden, we follow the lead of our own Lazy Gardener,


“Feed your soil and your plants will take care of themselves.”


Soil offers the most diverse ecosystem on earth. The importance of the relationship between the soil and our plants cannot be overstated. For years, people tried to control the environment; applying fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and more as needed to “correct” the problems in their yard. Over time, their yards lost the natural ability to fend for themselves as the soil became barren and chemical dependent. The solution: Break the cycle. Add organic matter to your soil to feed the microorganisms that decompose plant waste, clean our water, break down toxins, and feed our plants.


It sounds simple, but that’s the point. Adopt this approach at home, and you’ll see a steady improvement in the vigor of your landscape along with a corresponding decrease in the amount of pests and disease. Healthy plants take care of themselves (what a shock). You can’t change the world, but you can change your yard.


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