Establishing Your New Lawn


Begin your new lawn with a well shaped, contoured area.  Tilling compost into your existing soil will enhance the long-term health of your lawn.  If you don’t want to till, spread a thin layer of fine soil over the area to provide a good seedbed.  “Floating” the area with a weighted ladder, adding weight as needed and dragging it sideways can accomplish leveling.  Add some moisture to settle the soft spots and drag again.  Repeat until you’re satisfied with the results. More…

Feed the Soil

What’s the fun of gardening if it requires too much work or the use of potentially harmful chemicals? At Old Mill Feed & Garden, we follow the lead of our own Lazy Gardener,
“Feed your soil and your plants will take care of themselves.” 

It sounds simple, but that’s the point. Since we adopted this approach at our own home, we’ve seen a steady improvement in the vigor of our landscape along with a corresponding decrease in the amount of pest and disease problems. More…

Lazy Gardener Lawn Care Program

Follow the schedule below for a healthy lawn year ‘round.

Reduce fertilizer application rate by half if you use a mulching lawn mower.

Rates are per 1,000 SQ FT


Living Christmas Tree

Follow these guidelines for care of your new living tree:

  1. Gradually introduce your living tree from outdoors to indoors over several days via the garage or an enclosed porch.  The goal is to reduce shock caused by a rapid change in temperature.
  2. Use an anti-desiccant spray (we carry Cloud Cover) to treat the needles.  This will help minimize moisture loss while the tree is inside your climate-controlled home. More…

Mulch, A Simple Word

It’s one of those words that means different things to different people. Basically, mulch is material applied on top of your soil. In summer, it retains moisture below and keeps the sun from baking the life right out of the soil. In winter, it reduces ground compaction from all of those raindrops pounding incessantly from above and can significantly reduce erosion. Year-round, fresh mulch will reduce the number of weeds that sprout. More…

Overseeding Your Lawn


If necessary, begin by spraying your lawn with a good broadleaf weed killer to eliminate dandelions, clover, and other objectionable weeds.


Tomato Plant Care


Short-season varieties are sure to produce, even in our coolest summers.  Many heirlooms (proven varieties that have been around for a long time) require a longer growing season, but reward you with unique colors and superior flavor.  Indeterminate varieties usually fruit continually over an extended period compared to determinate varieties, which tend to produce one large crop (best for preserving).  More…

Tomato Plants 2015

Our locally grown tomato plants will begin to arrive April 25, 2015.
Growing delicious tomatoes in your garden is easier than you think. Let us provide you with a hardy plant, a few soil amendments, and a support cage. Then plant it in a sunny location and water it whenever the leaves begin to droop. Tomatoes need warm soil, which is why we won’t sell you a plant too early. Plant outside only when nighttime temperatures have warmed consistently into the mid-50’s. Here’s a list of our 2015 varieties, chosen for their taste and performance right here in the Willamette Valley:

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