Livestock feed is where we started. Over the years, we’ve seen lots of changes. One good change we’ve seen is the move to more natural feeds; feeds formulated with natural grains and plant proteins. Our animals are important to us, why would we feed them anything less? At Old Mill Feed & Garden, we’re proud to offer feed products that do the job, produced by people we know and trust.


Why do we choose to raise animals? The answer is different for each of us. Some simply want a companion to nurture. Others want a closer connection to their food supply. Still others want to provide people in their community with healthy food options. Regardless of their reasons, the common trait shared by all these unique individuals is how they care for their animals. We love being a part of that.


We offer a range of Livestock products in our store. Check out our feed suppliers, poultry groups or types of hay here.


Need to know how to raise those adorable little chicks you just bought? We've got you covered on that and much more.

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