Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

It Always Hurts More Than You Expect: Dealing with the Death of a Beloved Companion Animal By Marcella Fox

Anyone who has faced the death of a beloved pet knows that it can be very painful emotionally. Friends, co-workers, and relatives who don’t have companion animals might say, “It’s only a pet!” But they just don’t understand. Any time we love or care about someone — whether it’s a human or an animal — we grieve their loss. And death is one of the biggest losses there is. More…

Pet Nutrition

We ask a lot of our pets. Why would we feed them something that barely satisfies their nutritional needs? Read the first few ingredients on the label of your current pet food. We recommend foods containing things like fresh meat or meat meal (dehydrated meat), not corn or that term that is worst of all, meat and bone meal. Check it out. You might be surprised at how little it costs to upgrade your pets’ nutrition.

Puppy Feeding Guidelines

Don’t feed free-choice. Instead, feed your weaned puppy two to three times daily and remove uneaten food after 15 minutes. Feeding at set times throughout the day allows your puppy to get hungry between feedings and develop good eating habits. It also allows your puppy’s digestive system to operate on a predictable schedule which will facilitate housetraining. Don’t be surprised if your puppy occasionally skips a meal; simply remove the uneaten food and replace with a fresh portion at the next meal time. More…

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