No doubt about it, for many of us, our pets are a huge part of our lives. Only a couple generations ago, small animal veterinarians were practically nonexistent. Today, our pets are members of the family. They share our ups and downs, they bring joy and contentment, and in the process they teach us to be better people.


We ask a lot of our pets. Why would we feed them something that barely satisfies their nutritional needs? Read the first two ingredients on the label of your current pet food. At Old Mill Feed & Garden, we recommend foods that are high in things like meat or meat meal (dehydrated meat), not corn or that term that is worst of all, meat and bone meal. Check it out. You might be surprised at how little it costs to upgrade your pets’ nutrition, and you’ll feel good about the results.


Our Pet products range from Food to Care Supplies. Check out our food supplier brands here, or come into the store.


Want to know the nest food to give that adorable new puppy? We've got the answers on that and other questions you might have.

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